What we do

The Lindsell Foundation provides funding and grants to projects focused on educational and vocational support for children and young people in the UK. The foundation hopes to have a positive impact on children’s lives and futures, helping them to progress academically, ensuring they are ready for work including developing essential emotional and social skills that will help them into adulthood and improve their life chances.

The Lindsell Foundation seeks out projects and programmes independently through extensive trustee led research. The foundation looks for schemes that are inspiring, combining ideas and drive with a proven track record. Listed below are some key attributes that The Lindsell Foundation look for when researching new projects.

Continuous support

Projects that are focused on solutions over the long-term, for example projects that provide continuous and supportive interventions throughout key life stages of childhood.

Shared and scalable learning

Initiatives that actively encourage shared learning and collaboration across projects and have the potential to work across multiple regions within the United Kingdom.

Versatile approach

Helping children and young people across the academic spectrum regardless of ability. Supporting multiple approaches in finding the appropriate career path for a young person, whether that be via university, a specialist college or an apprenticeship.

Community led projects

Projects that are anchored into local communities with a keen understanding of context and place, creating approaches that reflect and are tailored to the requirements of different communities, local families and educational authorities.

Long term commitment

The Lindsell Foundation favour multi-year partnerships and encourage a close working relationship where the foundation’s contribution can offer some support and involvement.

Experienced partners

Initiatives with considerable experience and a track record that measure outcomes and show evidence of good governance, financial prudence and projects that focus on results and are outcome driven.